Ahh, creativity

There’s not been much in the way of verbal blogfodder this week. Back to work (which sucked, though not nearly as bad as the week I was on vacation – when several servers died, and gasp! data was lost), taking pictures, and not much more.

This is yesterday’s picture of the day – and lunch. There are tips and tricks for food photography, all of which I’d never thought about when snapping food shots for the blog. Yikes! I looked at some of those, and they are truly awful. This one didn’t come out quite the way I’d envisioned it, but I know why (the flash needed a snoot) and mostly I’m pleased with it.

It may be coincidental, but posting frequency took a serious nosedive while I was depressed. I’m watching for depression triggers now, and trying to sort out effects and causes. Though, which is which? Wouldn’t you become depressed, if you lost your creative drive? OTOH, it’s nearly impossible to maintain any drive at all, when I’m depressed. So it’s neither here nor there, just another sticky note on the wall: watch the creativity.

I didn’t blog yet about my most recent fiber adventure, which was BTW (before the weddings). My next door neighbor’s youngest daughter, a first grader, invited me to demonstrate spinning at her school. They’d studied “Pioneer Living”, and had some spindles, but no one to show them how it’s done.

As always, there were some kids who didn’t get it, and some who took to it like naturals. Most were able to create a length of yarn to keep. A couple really didn’t want to put down the spindles, and begged for some wool they could take home. Mwu-ha-ha! It’s so cool seeing future fiber addicts as they discover the craft.

If I can manage, today I’ll be making a pie with the cherries we bought at the market yesterday. I’ll have to wing it, since Sean’s got the cookbook with my go-to sour cherry pie recipe. I’ve also got to pack – it’s back to the office this week – and make some photos. When what I’d really like to do is, sit down with Mom’s sweater and get some quality inches knit.

None of which will get done, unless I sign off the computer!

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