Strawberry lemonade

I’ve had a hankering for some strawberry lemonade (possibly influenced by the McDonalds coupon on my desk). Yesterday afternoon, realizing I have lemons, strawberries, sugar and water in the house, I made it fresh. And I will never drink another can of pseudo-lemonade again. (Yuck.)

[ok, to be fair, Minute Maid products aren’t disgusting until you put them into a single serving can. With glycerol ester gum of rosin. Mmmm. But the frozen and boxed drinks don’t look that bad.]

This morning I’m blogging from the front porch. I’ve already done my yoga and I’m half an hour early for the dentist. It’s a cloudy, damp morning – reminds me of the mountains, except for the traffic noise. I’m redecorating, as you can see – It’s time to refresh the look of the blog! Much easier than moving the TV.

Have a marvelous day!

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