Stupid WordPress tricks

After wrangling for most of the weekend, and losing only one post, I think I’ve got this stinkin’ thing working now.

Note that adding functionality only creates yearning for more functionality. I’m sick of trying to get images to upload and wrap/align properly. It’s not happening; I think I’ve got it right in the stylesheet, but will have to edit the HTML for each image.

On the plus side, I now have thumbnails and “click for bigger” – something I’ve always envied on other blogs, but which were too much of a hassle to code every time.

On to the partially-recreated post of Sunday, which was lost in the Great Database Corruption of 2006.

This week’s intentional cooking will be episodic, as we’re having so many communal holiday meals this week. Saturday I made Cranberry Chutney, from (the same email as the rolls I made last week). It’s made with cranberries (duh), apples, onions, raisins, celery, vinegar, cinnamon, ginger & cloves. Tangy and tasty, but the vinegar gives it a wassail-y odor. It cooked up pretty quickly, and tastes great with both turkey and pork chops (mmm).

Corn CasseroleThe other Thanksgiving must-have: corn casserole. This one’s an easy recipe I may have made up: one package of corn muffin mix; one can of creamed corn; one can of whole kernel corn, with liquid; one stick of butter, melted; one cup of sour cream [Ed: and two eggs – Thanks Mom!]. Mix the lot together and bake at 350F until set, about 45-55 min. It’s like a super-moist cornbread, or … I don’t know. It’s really corn-y, and Paul says it’s a lot like the cornbread his mom used to make.

Coolest thing today: The first measurable snowfall, 2″ worth, turning the whole world white. I’m in total stay-at-home mode, having canceled my birthday dinner out in favor of fireside wine and pizza. (Thanks, Mom!) Until then, I’ve got some angora to spin – one of my favorite things, though I generally make a very homespun mess of it. Once it blooms, though, you’ll never see the uneven bumpy yarn at all.

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